OMSA have an extensive in-house-production covering all the main steps in mechanical and sheet metal processing. Capacity, quality and cost efficiency are continuously improved by our dedicated staff and by the investments in our production equipment.

Cold forming - Omsa Metal


Various excenter press machines up to 200 tones with roll feeders and an extensive tooling setup. These are the most cost-efficient machines for big volume batches. A number of modern CNC bending and cutting machines for high flexibility and low setup times. These machines are able to bend single complicated pieces as well as small batches with high precision and efficiency.

Steel cutting - Omsa Metal


Different saw and cutting machines, both manual and automatic band-and circular saws for small and big volumes.

Robot welding - Omsa Metal


High quality welding in most materials and with the methods and equipment that meets the requirements for several international standards. We do MIG, MAG, TIG and spot welding. Both robot and manual welding for carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Powder coating - Omsa Metal


Fully automated powder coating facility with integrated pre-treatments in multiple stages including phosphating or cromating. The system meets the highest eco-requirements and gives the best corrosion protection, durability, and excellent finish.

Product mounting - Omsa Metal


OMSA has resources and expertise in assembling and mounting that enable system deliveries of complex products. The assembly department has high flexibility, competence and capacity for mounting everything from fine electromechanics to more complex modules in different materials. This creates time-efficient and cost-effective production for our customers. Quality checks according to agreements as well as control measurements, verification, testing of systems. Marking and labeling for traceability.