We have an operating system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The daily work is conducted in a structured and documented manner in our modern facility. OMSA strives to be a learning organization and constantly reviewing ways to work to achieve the right quality. In our own quality lab, we conduct ongoing quality tests on manufactured and assembled products. Advanced equipment and structural methods create the conditions for the right quality.

Product mounting - Omsa Metal


Quick and direct communication creates profitability for customers and suppliers. Our management system coordinates our resources in all steps of the production. Customer drawings are digitized and added to our system to ensure that manufacturing is always done against the correct release. With modern software and competent engineering staff, production is effectively planned and controlled to optimize manufacturing time and minimize material waste.

Logistics - Omsa Metal


Our Planning and logistic Department is our customer’s contact regarding order processing, warehousing and transportation. Providing the prerequisites for quick response and delivery precision. We assist with overall documentation, customs handling, advising on the choice of carriers and carrying out safe and efficient loading.

Product development - Omsa Metal


Our R&D department is a powerful engineering resource for our customers. On a daily basis we analyse customers drawings and make detailed production drawings. We conduct sample manufacturing, testing, calculations and price analysis. We can do in-house designed prototypes to determine the best design and cost efficient production.