OMSA, together with its demanding customers, has developed into a modern engineering industry, now in brand new premises of 6000 square meters. We have both resources like machine-based prerequisites and enthusiasm to meet high-quality customer requirements for quality, delivery precision and service.

OMSA creates customer benefit for successful industrial companies through high levels of service, entrepreneurial enthusiasm and technical skills. We stand close to our customers, ranging from being support in product development to production. We are a partner supplier of details as well as complex products. Our strength is to be our customer’s partner and to jointly develop cost-effective and long-term production solutions.


We create efficient and quality-assured production with early-stage products from drawing and analysis through prototypes to series production. With high capacity through our own toolmaking and designers, we ensure short lead times. The core of the business is mechanical and sheet metal processing. With cutting, bending, welding and surface treatment, we offer our customers a complete manufacturing that creates long-term customer relations.


For our customers, our system delivery approach enables fewer suppliers, improved control, faster deliveries and increased profitability. OMSA takes overall responsibility as a system vendor comprising everything from supplier selection to process assurance and optimization of production and logistics.

Omsa Metal factory


Omsa Metal was established in 2009 as a subcontractor. In September 2015 Omsa built a new modern factory of 6000 square meters. The company has also made investments in new high tech machinery investments like robotic welder machines and high end metal processing machines. This investments turn Omsa into a modern latest technology equipped metal processing facility. In a three years time Omsa has increased its export ten times to its Swedish customers and Swedish partner SafetyRespect AB.